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What size is a king size duvet? and other duvet questions

What size is a king size duvet

We get asked a number of questions relating to duvets so we have decided put all the answers here in one easy to find resource about duvets. The questions are just laid out in the order that they were asked,so just scroll down to find the answer to your duvet question.

What size is a King size duvet?

A king size duvet is obviously intended for use on a king size bed but your duvet has to be bigger than the the bed so that it drapes down the sides a little. Otherwise as soon as you got into bed your body will lift the edges and you could get a cold draught coming through the gap. A king size mattress measures 150cm x 200cm but a king size duvet measures 230cm x 220cm.

What is a duvet and what is a quilt?

A duvet is the most popular item of bedding. They used to be known as a continental quilt. This is because in the UK we used to make our beds up using sheets and blankets. You would have a sheet over you, a blanket on top of that and then a bedspread over that. As their name suggests continental quilts were something that we saw in use in continental europe and they slowly made their way into popular use here. Eventually the word continental was dropped and they were just called quilts. This in turn has mostly been replaced by the word duvet, which itself is a french word meaning down, as in the soft feathers found on a bird.

A duvet is essentially a large bag that has a filling to provide warmth. This filling is sometimes made up of feathers or down, or a combination of both, or more commonly a man made polyester fibre. The duvet is stitched up to stop the filling from coming out. They are also stitched through in sections, sometimes in a diamond pattern. The purpose of this stitching is to ensure that the filling is evenly spread throughout the duvet. Without this stitching, the filling would eventually all move to one end of the duvet.

What size is a double duvet?

A double duvet is obviously used on a double bed, but it has to be bigger than the mattress to allow it to drape down the sides otherwise a draughty gap would appear as soon as you got into bed. A double bed measures around 140cm x 190cm and a double duvet measures 200cm x 200cm.

What is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is a decorative cover that is designed to cover your duvet. It serves two purposes, one is that it gives a degree of protection from wear and tear, but it’s main purpose is decorative, so that what is usually a stark white duvet can be transformed to match in with the rest of your bedding or the decor of your room. Duvet covers have an open end at the bottom of the duvet so that you can fit it over your duvet. There will be a way of fastening the open edge either by buttons or poppers.

What size is a single duvet?

A single duvet is for use on a single bed but it has to be bigger than the mattress so that it drapes down the sides to make sure that you are kept covered and warm throughout the night. A single mattress measures 90cm x 190cm and a single duvet measures 135cm x 200cm.

What size is a Superking duvet?

A superking duvet of course is for use on a super king bed. It has to be physically bigger than the mattress so that it can drape down the sides of the mattress and not leave any gaps to allow cold air through. A superking mattress measures 200cm x 200cm and a superking duvet measures 260cm x 220cm.

What is the highest tog duvet?

The tog rating of a duvet is designed to give you an indication of how warm it is. Some people use the same duvet all year round, others prefer a warm one in winter but a cooler one in the summer. 4.5 is the lowest tog generally available for adult use, this is only suitable for use in summer. Then comes 9 which is for use in spring or autumn. The most popular duvet tog rating is 10.5 which is a good year round level. Next comes 13.5 for cold nights in winter. The highest tog generally available in the UK is 15 tog, but this is too warm for most people.

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