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What is the best mattress encasement available?

To answer this we first need to understand what a mattress encasement is, what it does and why we might need one.

By mattress encasement we mean a removable cover that completely covers, or encases a mattress and fastens securely with a zip. This means that all parts of the mattress are covered and protected by this encasement. Some mattress encasements are waterproof, some aren’t. Which is the right one for you depends on what you are trying to achieve.

A non waterproof mattress encasement is purely a cosmetic add on. It will of course provide a low level of mattress protection, but only from minor wear and tear, it won’t offer any protection against liquids, damp or dust mites. So you would only use this type of encasement if you were wanting to cover an already marked or stained mattress to cover and disguise the condition of the mattress, but for a spare room or a temporary guest it would serve it’s purpose.

A waterproof mattress encasement obviously provides a much greater level of protection. You might need a waterproof mattress encasement to protect the mattress from marks and stains. This could be simply to protect against spilt drinks, or it might be a continence issue. As an encasement completely covers the mattress it is fully protected all over. A traditional fitted sheet style mattress protector, for example, doesn’t usually protect the sides of the mattress, just the upper surface. Heavy incontinence can spill down the side of the mattress causing it to become wet. As it dries out it will start to smell and bacteria, mould and fungus will soon be present. A waterproof mattress encasement solves this issue.

Another reason that you might want to completely encase your mattress is that you might be putting the mattress into storage or transporting it. A waterproof mattress encasement would protect your mattress whilst in transit or in storage, maybe in a shed or garage.

A further reason to choose a mattress encasement is to protect you and your mattress from infestation from dust mites or bed bugs. Dust mites live wherever there is an accumulation of dust. Dust consists of various components, but a large proportion of it is made up from the tiny particles of skin that we shed. Dust mites eat these particles, but only after they have been broken down by the action of moisture and bacteria. An unprotected mattress can become home to millions of these tiny mites because as you move about in bed they work their way down into your mattress along with perspiration and other fluids. A waterproof mattress encasement ensures that this doesn’t happen and dust mites cannot live in your mattress if there is no food for them to eat.

Bed bugs are very different creatures to dust mites, they actively seek out human prey to bite and to feed on our blood. They track us through heat and our breathing climbing onto your bed and biting you in the early hours of morning. Bed Bugs are widespread throughout the UK Europe and the USA, as well as in other countries. They are very resilient and travel from home to home in luggage and through holes and gaps in walls and windows. Once they have fed they will go and hide wherever they can. This could be inside furniture, behind skirting board and electrical sockets and even inside your mattress. Fitting a waterproof mattress encasement won’t get rid of bed bugs, it will just stop them from living inside your mattress. So if you do have a bed bug problem, you still need to call in the pest control experts.

So back to the original question. Which is the best mattress encasement available? To fulfil all of the scenarios mentioned so far it needs to be waterproof, yet breathable, zip fastening, machine washable, dust mite proof, bed bug proof and comfortable to sleep on. Here at Asesha we have two models that fulfil all of these requirements. You can see them both here. What is the best mattress encasement available?