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What are Ottoman Beds?

What are Ottoman Beds

An Ottoman bed is a bed with a very versatile area of storage underneath the mattress. Essentially the entire mattress and the platform that it sits on lifts on gas assisted struts to allow you to places items inside for storage.

Why choose an Ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is incredibly useful for many reasons. If your bedroom is small or lacks storage space an Ottoman bed opens up a whole new storage area. The space under our beds is usually either wasted or full of dusty clutter. By buying an Ottoman bed all of that clutter can be safely stowed away out of sight. An Ottoman bed usually has far more storage space than a wardrobe and is just as easily accessible.

An Ottoman bed also has more available storage than a divan bed with drawers because you get use all of the interior space not just part of it.

An Ottoman bed is also great for storage of valuable items. Of course it is no alternative to a safe, but we don’t all have a safe in our home. Hiding your more valuable items in an Ottoman bed makes a lot of sense. Most people looking at an Ottoman bed will have no idea that there is a storage area inside. Even if they did, would they know how to open it? If they could open it would they know that somewhere amongst all of those cushions, shoes, spare bedding, holiday clothes and towels lurk your valuables, so Ottoman beds make a great semi secure storage area.

Most Ottoman beds are hinged in such a way as the open at the foot end of the bed, but some are available that open sideways.

The hinged platform on an Ottoman bed is very strong as it is designed to not only support the weight of the mattress and two people sleeping in the bed but also designed to be opened and closed many times. They also have sprung wooden slats that give the mattress a more springy feel.

Inside the storage area of an Ottoman bed there is either a solid floor or a fabric floor. The fabric floor is made in such a way that when fully loaded it actually rests on your bedroom floor, meaning that your floor is taking the weight and not your bed.

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