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The benefits of a faux leather bed frame with storage

The benefits of a faux leather bed frame with storage

When you think about it your bed is probably the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. In fact some bedrooms can fit little else in but the bed. So it makes sense to maximise that one piece of furniture so that its not just somewhere to sleep, but also somewhere that provides a storage solution. A faux leather bed frame with storage is the perfect solution.

Of course many of us shove all sorts of things under a traditional bed frame, out of sight, out of mind. But what tends to happen is that the under bed area becomes a dusty mess. Each time you push something else under there something tends to pop out from the other side.

If you have a divan style bed then you might not even have the option of using the under bed area for storage.

A faux leather bed frame with storage provides the best of all worlds. You have the entire inside of the base to use as storage. It is a safe covered area so it doesn’t get as dusty and from the outside you wouldn’t know that there was anything stored inside. You won’t have various shoes peeping out from below or an old duvet trying to trip you up. Everything will be neatly and tidily stored away out of sight.

The inside of a faux leather bed frame with storage is easily as good as having a second wardrobe, if not better. You can store shoes, duvets, pillows, bedding, towels, out of season clothes, in fact anything that you don’t need on a daily basis. But even if you do need something from inside the bed frame access is quick and easy.

The secret lies in the fact that your entire mattress and the platform that it sits on can be simply lifted up to access the interior. The weight of the mattress is raised and supported by gas assisted struts. So it only takes a second or two to open. Your mattress remains fully made up during this process so your bed is ready for you as soon as you close it back down.

A further benefit of a faux leather bed frame with storage is security. From the outside it looks like a normal bed. There aren’t any clues that there is storage inside, so it becomes the perfect place to keep your more valuable items, if you don’t have the luxury of a safe. So jewellery boxes, watches and cash boxes along with any other valuables can be kept inside, out of sight.

A final benefit is the faux leather covering. It is so easy to keep clean. Dust and marks can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth, kepping your bed frame looking like new at all times.

So in hindsight it makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t have a faux leather bed frame with storage. It just makes so much sense. Double your bedroom storage with a neat, safe and secure storage solution.

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