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Small Double Fitted Sheet

Small Double Fitted Sheets

A small double bed has become a very popular choice for many people but it isn’t easy to find a small double fitted sheet in the usual high street retail outlets. So where can you buy a small double fitted sheet?

First let’s look at the reason for the increased popularity of small double beds. Today’s modern houses often have an extra bedroom in the form of a box room. So called because they were originally intended just as a storage room, but are often used as an additional bedroom. These rooms are not usually big enough to take a full size double bed, sometimes they can only accommodate a single bed. However some can just about take a small double bed, so if two people share a bed, and the bed is in a box room, then a small double maybe as large as it can be.

Alternatively small double beds have also become popular for single occupancy but where the person wants more space than a single provides.

A small double bed is the same length as a standard double bed at 190cm (6’3″) but is 6 inches narrow, so just £120cm (4′) wide. Trying to use double fitted sheets just looks baggy and untidy so it is always best to track down sheets that are made to fit this bed. But where from? Well fortunately we have two types of Small Double Fitted sheets in our range. They are as follows, click the link in the title to see the item here on the website.

So Soft No Iron Percale Small Double Fitted Sheet – These are made from a super soft high thread count polyester cotton blend. This makes them soft and comfortable to lie on but hard wearing and easy to care for. Just wash, dry then put straight back on the bed without ironing. It fits a small double mattress up to 30cm deep and comes in cream or white for just £7.95 per sheet.

100% Cotton Stretch Jersey Small Double Deep Fitted Sheet – These are probably going to be the most comfortable small double fitted sheets that you have ever slept on. They are made from 100% Cotton but instead of being woven like a normal sheet, these are knitted. This results in a really soft feel to them. Another benefit is that unlike a woven sheet it stretches in all directions so it moves with you as you move. This is even more important if your mattress is made from memory foam as it moves with foam moulding itself to the same shape. They are also very deep and able to fit a mattress up to 38cm deep.