Ultraplume Supersoft No Quill Feather Pillow




Natural feathers make an excellent pillow, allowing air to circulate. The only problem with them is that feathers consist of a soft vane on either side of a stiff quill. These quills can be felt through the cover and can be a little bit prickly to lie on. The only way of minimising this was to reduce the feather content and to add down. Down is the small soft feathers that are used for warmth beneath the flight feathers. Down is much more expensive because there is less of it per bird and the only way to get rid of all of the quills is to use 100% dowm.

Well until now anyway, now there is the Ultraplume Supersoft No Quill Feather Pillow. It’s quite a simple idea that was a little more complex to put in place. However it has been done, now each feather vane is stripped from the quill meaning that this pillow is all vane and no quill. The result is a supremely comfortable feather pillow that bears no resemblance to any feather pillow seen before.

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