Ultimate Comfort Box Pillow

£17.50 £12.00

This pillow has a box type construction meaning that it is well filled and tucks right into your shoulder for perfect comfort and support. One of our favourite pillows of all time.



When the buying team here at Asesha first saw this pillow we knew that we were on to a winner. It stood out from lesser pillows in many ways.

First of all the appearance, It is very crisp and white, it looks like a quality pillow, and looks better than many pillows that we have seen at four times the price. Instead of just plain stitched edges it has a beading strip that covers the stitch line, a sure sign of a quality design.

This pillow is a box pillow which means that instead of the traditional tapered edges there is a vertical edge. This means that the pillow can tuck right into your neck, placing your head at the centre where the greatest support and comfort is.

Then there is the feel. The 100% cotton cambric cover feels beautifully soft to the touch.

Inside there is a generous filling of superbounce hollowfibre. This gives it a comfortable bounce that doesn’t just squash down to nothing. Your head sinks just so far before the resistance of the fibres holds you steady.

This pillow is deeper than many other pillows at 22cm in the centre and weighs a generous 800g.

Gently contouring super-bounce filling
Pure and Natural Cotton Cover
Medium Support
Complies with Fire Regulations 1988
Made in Britain

Machine Washable to 40c

Tumble Dry on a low heat setting