Total Protection Zipped Waterproof Mattress Protector


The Ultimate in Total Mattress Protection, this zipped mattress cover protects your mattress from marks and stains and is also dust mite proof and bed bug proof.



This is probably the most comprehensive mattress protector currently available. It completely encases your mattress and fastens with a zip. It has the following features and benefits.


If a mattress protector isn’t waterproof then moisture, perspiration and liquids will at some point pass through to the mattress below. Everyone perspires at night, sooner or later this perspiration reaches the mattress creating that typical brownish stain that is associated with older unprotected mattresses. This zipped mattress cover is completely waterproof, unless it is physically punctured nothing can pass through. This waterproof protection covers the entire mattress, top, bottom and all sides.


Unlike some waterproof mattress protectors this one is breathable. This means that it doesn’t make you hot and uncomfortable when you sleep on it. It is also quiet and rustle free in use.

Dust Mite Proof

Dust mites are tiny microscopic creatures that are a member of the arachnid family, so are related to spiders. Thankfully they don’t look anything like a spider, but they live anywhere where there is an undisturbed accumulation of household dust. House dust is made up of a number of things including the tiny particles of skin that we shed as we go about our business. It is these particles that dust mites feed on, but only after they have been broken down by the action of bacteria and mould. An unprotected mattress is the perfect home for dust mites, as we sleep these tiny particles of skin work their way into the mattress. Here moisture and warmth from our bodies encourages the mould, fungus and bacteria to break down the skin particles. This is a dust mite heaven, here they will breed and increase in number. An unprotected mattress can be home to millions of these mites. Not only is this not a very pleasant thought, it is also a problem to the 10% of the population that are allergic to dust mites and their waste products. The microfine waterproof membrane on the inside of this mattress cover stops moisture and skin particles from passing through to the mattress. This instantly cuts off the mites source of food and they starve, if you fit this cover to a new mattress then the mites will never take up residence in your mattress. The membrane also ensure that the mites and their waste products can’t come through to you.

Bed Bug Proof

Because this mattress cover completely encases your mattress and securely fastens with a zip bed bugs cannot live inside. Bed Bugs are making a comeback in UK and europe. They get unwittingly transferred in luggage or just move in from next door. They live close to their food source, which is us. They live off human blood which they take whilst we are sleeping. The hide during the day and come out at night. They anaesthetise your skin, pierce it with their beak like mouth and suck out your blood. Once they have fed they return to their hiding place. Bed bugs are very tenacious, they find new victims by tracking our body heat and breathing emissions. This cover ensures that no bed bugs can hide in your mattress and that any already there are sealed in and unable to get to you.


This mattress cover has a sanitised protection to help block the development of mould, bacteria and fungus.

Oeko-Tex Accredited

This product has passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means that it is free from any harmful substances and is safe to use by all members of your family.

Machine wash at temperatures up to 60c and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

Fits a mattress up to 23cm deep

2 Year warranty against manufacturing defects

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