Indulgence Luxury Hungarian Goose Feather & Down Pillows (Pair)

£35.00 £29.00

Pillows have been available with feather fillings for almost as long as they have been a ‘thing’.

Some people love them, some people hate them, but that’s the same as Marmite isn’t it?

If you are a feather pillow lover then take a look at this well priced pair.




This is an indulgent pair of feather filled pillows. They make a great pillow for yourself or are a lovely addition to a guest bed.

These are made from the feathers of Hungarian Geese. hungary has a particular climate that encourages geese to grow a longer, softer feather that is warmer, so here you are benefiting from that evolution.

The outer cover is a luxurious 233 thread count 100% cotton. This high thread count is used as it produces a closer weave to ensure that the feathers stay inside the cover and don’t work their way out. The edges are finished with double stitched piping for that luxurious boutique hotel look.

The filling consists of 90% Hungarian Goose Feather and 10% hungarian goose down for added softness. This is a great price for two Hungarian Goose Feather & Down Pillows.

Please not that these are supplied in a zip fastening rope handled carry case, so when they arrive they will be quite flat but plump them up and given time and they soon take their shape.

100% Cotton Cover
90% Goose Feather 10% Goose Down
Machine Washable to 40c
Do not tumble dry