Heavyweight Luxury Microfibre Just Like Down Pillow




This is a truly amazing pillow! For a start it is packed with 1200g of filling, most pillows are around 800-900g. This means that it is probably the heaviest pillow that you have ever picked up, but with this one, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

That weighty filling is all supersoft microfibre, your head just sinks into the softness, but because of the amount of filling it doesn’t just flatten out. Your head remains supported at all times. This feels as soft as down, but much more supportive.

The outer cover is a high quality 290 thread count 100% cotton with a satin stripe finish. The seams are finished with satin piping. This adds strength to the seam and it looks great too.

All in, probably the best pillow that you will ever sleep on. Treat yourself or a loved one today.

Non allergenic

Machine washable.