Harry Potter Potion Bottle Bedside Lamp

£19.99 £16.50

An absolute must for every Harry Potter fan. This novelty bedside lamp is very realistic and glows a ghastly green. Great fun and makes a great present for Halloween, Christmas or Birthday.

Light up your desk or bedside table with this fun Harry Potter Potion Bottle Light. Shaped to look like a bottle of poison with a label on the front complete with warnings, this great little light is a perfect gift for Harry Potter fans. On the front of this light are the words ‘Extremely Poisonous’, ‘Potion No.86’, and ‘Contains Powdered Moonstone and Syrup of Hellebore’. The Potion Bottle Light has 2 light modes, you can set the light to static or change it to a magical twinkle. The 20cm tall light is USB powered and comes with a USB cable.