Crib 5 Flame Retardant Contract Pillow




Normal household domestic pillows need to comply with the 1988 Fire Safety Regulations, however some businesses that offer residential services need to comply with more stringent regulations. These are often referred to as Crib or Source Regulations. Depending on where the item is being used a higher crib or source rating is required. The word crib relates to a small wooden structure that is used to apply a flame to a fabric sample whilst being tested.

At the moment the highest Crib value is 7, This is for items being used in very high risk areas such as prisons.

The next one down is Crib 5 which is suitable for use in care homes, hotels, residential schools, hospitals and other similar institutions.

This pillow has a 100% Cotton cover with a polyester hollowfibre filling.

It has been treated to make it flame retardant to the current Crib 5/Source 5 fire regulations which means that it is perfect for institutions, care homes etc.

This pillow weighs 650gr and has a maximum depth of 16cm.

Can be machine washed to 60c and tumble dried if required.