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Every baby’s cot needs a removable, washable cot mattress protector.

An unprotected cot mattress can, quite quickly, become home to bacteria and mould making it an unheathy environment for a young baby to sleep in. Babies, by their very nature, leak. This can be in the form of urine, faeces, vomit and perspiration. This soaks through the bedding to the mattress below, here it can stain and mark the mattress and soak into it. Once this has happened it is virtually impossible to clean. Some cot mattresses can be wiped down, but this isn’t really recommended because you just don’t know how well you have cleaned it.  Is there mould and bacteria slowly building up along the seams? You just cannot be sure. So even if you have a wipeable cot mattress you should still use waterproof washable covers over them.

This cot mattress protector fits on to the cot mattress like a fitted sheet and you then make the cot up with your usual bedding on top. The upper surface is 100 cotton terry towelling. We use terry towelling because the tiny loops vastly increase the surface area, meaning that it can absorb far more liquid than a plain cotton sheet ever could. This is important with a cot mattress protector as it allows moisture to wick out across the surface to evaporate away more quickly. This keeps baby dryer and more comfortable during the night.

On the underside of the terry towelling is a very fine waterproof membrane, it is made from polyurethane which has similar qualities to our skin, in that it is waterproof, yet breathable. This keeps the mattress clean and dry whilst keeping baby cool and comfortable. It is also quiet and rustle free in use.

This waterproof cot mattress protector can be machine washed at temperatures up to 90c for total hygiene. Some cot mattress protectors can only be washed at 30c or 40c, it is best to avoid these as these low temperatures will not kill any bacteria that is on the protector. They can also be tumble dried if required.

Some mums keep two at a time on the mattress, this way if the bedding needs changing during the night you remove the soiled top one, leaving a nice clean one for the remainder of the night.

Fits a mattress up to 10cm deep.

Available in 2 sizes.

Cot Mattress Protector 60cm x 120cm

Cot Bed Mattress Protector 70cm x 140cm

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Cot Size

Cot 60cm x 120cm, Cot Bed 70cm x 140cm