Anti Allergy Pillow


A specially treated pillow to inhibit dust mites and certain moulds and bacteria, perfect for guaranteed healthy sleeping



Every home should consider the use of anti allergy pillows to facilitate healthy sleeping.

Pillows are of course, by their nature, in very close contact with our faces and our airways. But we sometimes forget that our pillows can also be home to a number of unwanted passengers. As we sleep perspiration and saliva can make the surface of your pillow damp. Over time this constant dampening encourages the growth of bacteria, mould and fungus. Dandruff and other skin particles also find their way through your pillowcase and through the pillow cover. Here these particles begin to decay and to attract more bacteria, mould and fungus, dust mites then move in as it is these skin particles that consume after being broken down by the bacteria. Dust Mites breed quite quickly soon infesting the pillow. Up to 20% of the weight of a 2 year old pillow can be made up of both dead and live dustmites.

These anti allergy pillows can stop all of that. The super soft hollowfibre filling has been treated with Hygiene Plus which inhibits the growth of the mould and bacteria that are essential for dust mites to survive. So stopping the bacteria stops the dust mites from moving in.

The outer cover is 100% cotton. The inner filling is Hygiene Plus treated super soft hollowfibre.

48cm x 74cm

Machine Wash at 40c and tumble dry on a low heat setting.