100% Cotton Stretch Jersey Fitted Sheets




These 100% Cotton Stretch Jersey Fitted Sheets are probably going to be the most comfortable sheets you have ever slept on.

So what makes them so comfortable?

Well for a start they are 100% cotton and we know how soft and luxurious cotton can be. The real secret lies in the way that they are manufactured. Traditional sheets are woven. Woven products only stretch in one direction. These Combed Cotton Jersey sheets are knitted instead, a knitted product can stretch in all directions which means that it moves with you as you move. Imagine a super soft surface that just moves and stretches as you do.

These jersey fitted sheets can be used on any type of mattress but they are virtually essential on a memory foam mattress as memory foam needs that multi stretch ability to properly show off its own particular comfort and qualities.

Available in a standard 15-25cm mattress depth and also an extra deep 38cm.

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