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How Often Should You Wash a Mattress Protector?

How Often Should You Wash a Mattress Protector?

We are often asked this question, and the very short and simple answer is that you should wash your mattress protector as often as you wash the rest of your bedding, because why wouldn’t you?

The thing is that many people never wash their mattress protector, the leave it sitting there festering, getting its nightly dose of perspiration and everything else that heads a mattress protectors way. They forget that it is part of their bedding and not part of the mattress, or maybe they don’t forget and they just can’t be bothered.

Maybe they don’t think that they can get it dry in time to have it back on the bed by bed time, but unless its a really thick quilted topper then you shouldn’t have any issues getting it dry in time. Many people have two protectors per bed for this very reason. One on the bed and the other in the wash. You wouldn’t just have one fitted sheet or one duvet cover, so there is no reason to have just one mattress protector per bed.

You need to wash it as often as the rest of your bedding because it gets just as dirty as the rest of your bedding. You wouldn’t leave your fitted sheet in place, unwashed, for months on end and your mattress protector is just the same.

An mattress protector gets a build up of sweat, moisture and other liquids over a period of time. Eventually it becomes home to bacteria, mould and fungus which will eventually start to smell, so wash it once a week with the rest of your bedding and this won’t become a problem.

You could even buy one of our Ecosleep 2 in 1 fitted sheet and mattress protector all in one. That way you know that whenever your sheets are washed then so are you mattress protectors. They also come in 12 colours to complement the rest of your bedding. Read more about EcoSleep by clicking on the image below.

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