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What size is a king size duvet? and other duvet questions

What size is a king size duvet

We get asked a number of questions relating to duvets so we have decided put all the answers here in one easy to find resource about duvets. The questions are just laid out in the order that they were asked,so just scroll down to find the answer to your duvet question.

What size is a King size duvet?

A king size duvet is obviously intended for use on a king size bed but your duvet has to be bigger than the the bed so that it drapes down the sides a little. Otherwise as soon as you got into bed your body will lift the edges and you could get a cold draught coming through the gap. A king size mattress measures 150cm x 200cm but a king size duvet measures 230cm x 220cm. read more

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What is the best mattress encasement available?

To answer this we first need to understand what a mattress encasement is, what it does and why we might need one.

By mattress encasement we mean a removable cover that completely covers, or encases a mattress and fastens securely with a zip. This means that all parts of the mattress are covered and protected by this encasement. Some mattress encasements are waterproof, some aren’t. Which is the right one for you depends on what you are trying to achieve. read more

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Small Double Fitted Sheet

Small Double Fitted Sheets

A small double bed has become a very popular choice for many people but it isn’t easy to find a small double fitted sheet in the usual high street retail outlets. So where can you buy a small double fitted sheet?

First let’s look at the reason for the increased popularity of small double beds. Today’s modern houses often have an extra bedroom in the form of a box room. So called because they were originally intended just as a storage room, but are often used as an additional bedroom. These rooms are not usually big enough to take a full size double bed, sometimes they can only accommodate a single bed. However some can just about take a small double bed, so if two people share a bed, and the bed is in a box room, then a small double maybe as large as it can be. read more

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Where Can I Buy Red Pillowcases From?

Plain Dye Percale Housewife Pillowcase Red

People are sometimes quite traditional in the colour choice for bedding, but every so often you want something a bit more vibrant, something that makes a statement, something that makes people go wow. Red pillowcases definitely have the wow factor, they are bright and bold and can look very impressive, but they need not be expensive.

We have red pillow cases available in our So Soft No Iron Percale range. These are beautifully made using a 50% cotton/50% polyester soft fabric. They are lovely to the touch and are so easy to care for thanks to the polyester content which means that you just wash them, dry them and pop them back on to your pillows. They are sold as a pair. read more