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Can You Wash a Mattress Protector?

Can You Wash A Mattress Protector

Well the answer to that depends on which mattress protector you are wanting to wash. Generally speaking virtually all mattress protectors can be washed, but at what temperature is the question.

First let’s take a look at why you should wash your mattress protector regularly. There are quite a lot of people out there who only wash their mattress protector occasionally, there are some who never wash it! That is probably because they see it as part of the mattress rather than part of the bedding, however it is important to wash your mattress protector regularly. If you think that the reason it is there is to stop perspiration and other bodily fluids from getting to your mattress then the mattress protector is where all those bodily fluids end up. After a while your mattress protector will start to discolour from the salts that are contained in our perspiration. It will then begin to smell as bacteria, mould and fungus take hold.

This is even worse with a padded or quilted mattress protector because the padding just acts like a sponge soaking up any liquid that it comes into contact with.

To clean a dirty mattress protector it needs to be washed at a temperature of at least 60c. This is the temperature that will remove most perspiration marks and stains and it is hot enough to kill dust mites. If the mattress has been contaminated by bodily fluids then it really has to be washed at 90c to kill germs and bacteria.

To find out the maximum washing temperature for your mattress protector just search for the care label which should be sewn into one of the seams on the underside. You might be surprised to see that your mattress protector can only be washed at 40c or even 30c. This means that you cannot easily get it thoroughly clean. To be honest this type of mattress are intended to be thrown away and replaced rather than washed.

Better mattress protectors that are designed to last for many years are much easier to wash, dry and care for and cost only a little more than the semi disposable type.

If you need a waterproof mattress protector that has been designed to last for many years that can be washed at temperatures up to 90c and even tumble dried if required then, the very best that money can buy, but not the most expensive by a long way, then there only one to consider. That one is Allergon. Click on the image below to find out more.

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